Sustainable management of natural resources is the most important challenge around the globe and will become even more crucial over the next decades. Many economic sectors rely on natural resources and their availability is vital to humankind. Solutions involve many diverse public and private interests, influenced by various socio-economic factors like climate change and population growth, as well as numerous related data sources and stakeholders.

To achieve sustainable development, it is a necessity to have well-integrated toolsets, data and process chains to effectively manage these valuable assets in the future.

ICT can considerably support the process of managing resources by integrating a variety of approaches such as social networks, data and system integration, usage and generation of geospatial data in order to leverage the planning, collaboration and management processes involved.

We at SOPHISYSTEMS are taking on the challenge to become a market leader in developing state-of-the-art Geo-Social Networks for Sustainable Developments by connecting information from data bases, social networks as well as geographic information systems via Multi-Platform User Interfaces.

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