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SOPHISYSTEMS is a high-tech system engineering and technical services company with significant expertise in developing applications and solutions used in the sophisticated systems of today. We execute technical development projects from design through development to implementation.

The thorough expertise of our international engineers secures that the highest quality standards are met at all times.

Our expertise encompasses fields like software and network design and development as well as comprehensive project management and optimization of systems and networks.

Efficient management of system networks for computers and mobile applications becomes a top priority in business around the globe. To address this emerging need we offer sophisticated system engineering delivering highly innovative solutions and services to our clients.

SOPHISYSTEMS is driving cooperation partnerships with regards to European Union programmes for innovation and cutting-edge research for information and communication technologies. Beyond this, we take great pride in offering to participate in collaborative projects advocated by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology fostering innovation and research of the future. Technological advancement and improving knowledge together with our commitment to excellence are our key drivers to realize outstanding results.